The Film


Short documentary


Houston, TX


  • General population that may not understand the nuances of OCD
  • Those struggling with OCD or know someone struggling with OCD


(pending) Houston OCD Program


  1. Exposition – The Basics of OCD
  2. Exposure Response Prevention and the Bergen 4-day Treatment
  3. Thoughts are Just Thoughts – The Importance of Mindfulness
  4. Call to Action


  • online platforms (Vimeo, YouTube)
  • OCD organization websites
  • OCD and Mental Health conferences
  • Film festivals
  • Social media platforms

What makes our documentary stand out?

There is a handful of digital media explaining what OCD is, but much of it is unrelatable to a general audience. We hope to make a documentary that is not just informative, but also allows a general audience to connect to OCD on a cinematic and personal level.


Director/Producer: Rachel Immaraj

Producer: Kovid Gupta

Producer: Natasha Paradeshi

Director of Photography: Ivy Chiu