Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental disorder that is often misunderstood by the general population. The purpose of this short documentary is to show a general audience what it is like to struggle with OCD. We hope to visually tell a story where the viewer can step into the shoes of someone with OCD and truly understand what the struggles are like.

Additionally, many people suffering with OCD receive misguided therapy from counselors, online sources, or peers. Exposure-Response Prevention therapy (ERP) is the most effective treatment used to treat OCD and we hope to raise awareness about it.

The Need

Although mental health has become understood more clearly within the past several years, there is still quite a stigma surrounding mental illnesses. We believe this documentary is important to continue breaking this stigma. Through education and sharing experiences in this documentary, we hope to debunk misconceptions of OCD so people can start seeing it for what it really is.

While there are many resources explaining what OCD is, there is not widespread knowledge in the media about how to effectively treat OCD. Through this documentary, we hope to convey an understanding of what it’s like for OCD patients to undergo ERP treatment, and how OCD sufferers can get further help.